Waxhand Wizards


WAX HANDS is a Fun Interactive experience that we are bringing to India for the first time! WAX HANDS are Wax Sculptures of your own hands created in different Shapes & Colours. The beauty of the product is that Customers are themselves involved in creating sculptures of their hands & they act as everlasting keepsakes. WAX HANDS is a popular activity at all Madame Tussaud's Museums around the world, and is now in India!


The 5-minute Fun process involves holding your hands in a gesture & dipping them in our specially formulated warm wax to create a beautiful sculpture that is then decorated with colours of your choice. Each sculpture is customized as per your gesture and colour choice & is one of its kind! It is an ideal product for Parties, Corporate Events, Festivals and Shopping Malls. Its Cool, Exciting & great for all ages.

Our professional 'Wax Hand Wizards' team will design a package specially as per your needs. Our wizards have been trained abroad in all aspects of WAX HANDS, right from setting up the machine to creating Wax Hand magic. The specially formulated wax is safe & cool enough for you to dip your hand straight in and enjoy the feeling. Our machines are compact to set-up at any spot in the party.


'Wax Hand Wizards' aim is to put a big smile on the face of each kid & adult with this magic product!  Come, Dip Your Hands in Fun!

You can have fun in 3 Easy Steps!
You decide the hand sign or gesture you want
for the WAX Hand.
Some favorites are the OK
sign, Peace sign, Number 1, Thumbs Up, ILU etc.
We dip your hand in chilled water and warm wax. We repeat the process a few more dips and make the mold. Choose your colors.
We then remove the
mold carefully from your
hand, colour it & fix it
on a base...and Voila!
You get a WAX Hand!!!
Experience it for yourself!