Waxhand Wizards


When people host parties, they want their guests to have a great time & remember the celebration for years to come. They are always looking for unique fun activities that will keep the guests engaged and happy.

This is where the Wax Hand Wizards step in!

Our product ‘Wax Hands’ is a interactive product for all age groups. Kids or Adults, everyone can get their Wax Hands done in various shapes & exciting colors. The USP of the activity is, the guests themselves are involved in creating a sculpture of their hands and they get to take it home as a return gift! No wonder, Wax Hands is the most popular activity at any party with crowds queuing to get it done. When they finally hold their colored Wax Hand, the smile on their face says it all!

Wax Hand Wizards have been called to Birthday Parties, Weddings & Get-togethers of a niche clientele that features Film Stars, Politicians & Industrialists among other well heeled people.

Party Stopper